Why Buy Our Calendars ?

Posted by Tony Underwood 25/07/2018 0 Comment(s)

You can buy calendars online from various online market places including amazon and ebay but have you ever considered where and how these calendars are produced?

You may have come across brands such as Bright Ideas and others but did you know that these and others are actually printed and produced in China.  Cheap calendars are a misconception when buying this way, not only to they tend to be more expensive, but more importantly are the environmental standards to which these are produced, often very poor or non-existent.

Our Calendars are printed in Great Britain by Truprint Media and until recently even the paper was scoured from a Scottish paper mill until its recent closure.


 Truprint Media is a member of the Woodland trust, the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity with over  500,000 supporters and more than 1,000   sites, covering over 26,000 hectares, all over the UK. 


 With our customers continued support, purchasing our calendar pads and calendar inserts has helped us  contribute to helping create 115.42 m2 of new   native woodland in the UK and remove over 4 tons of Carbon  Dioxide.


The inks used in the printing process on our calendars are vegetable based are eco-friendly and great for the environment compared to mineral based inks than contain compounds known as VOC’s which not only damage the environment and can be harmful to humans and wildlife.


If your buying calendar tabs for schools or crafts, you may want to ask your current supplier where their calendars are made and to what standards.


At Calendar World our calendar tabs, calendar pads and calendar insets are manufactured to the strictest quality and environmental standards.

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